Time Flies: Part 2

The beginning of the story is told in this post:  http://www.pastelphotography.com/blog/time-flies/

And here we are yet another year later!

This was our first group photo:

And here they are now:

And to all the photographers who saw my robot video on youtube, the stiff and unaffectionate client character was slightly inspired by this lovely lady:

I found a really old photo of the twins taken with my little elf Canon:

How they have grown…

A real smile from a teenager :D

It is nice to work with a group that has been trained by me for years! :)


Very cool! Love the pics.


I remember this family from your old posts, they definately have grown and what gorgeous shots your blessing them with!!

Are you kidding me???? How on earth did you pull this off???? I mean, your work is always stunning. But wow. 5 kids all together – and each and every one of these is full of so much life and laughter and love. You are so gifted Mindy. I think my favorite though is the black and white of the two boys making faces at each other in the wagon :) Kathleen

Your work blows me away, each and every photo! What a gorgeous family, you capture their love and joy through your lens. Great work as always Mindy. x

I feel like I want to go hang out with this family–the fun and love and laughter just oozes out of the image. The processing and lighting is perfection and there is an almost Norman Rockwell-esque feel–goofy, beautiful, timeless Americana:). LOVE.

You are my favorite photographer, hands down!!!! Gorgeous, beautiful, inspiring! I hope to meet you one day!!

Aw, I always love your look! So soft, in the grasses and golden light! But what I love best is the amazing natural expressions! Gorgeous!

I am so in love with your work. Love love love. Yet another amazing session!

I am such a fan of your work…It is simply amazing. And these are no exception.

Wow! What an amazing set of images!

What a gorgeous and fun session! You got so many great images!! Beautiful!

Stunning! Just stunning! Love the emotions captured, and I am sure they will treasure these forever. Love your work!

Perfection! Every time I come to your blog I am amazed & this is no exception! Gorgeous session. You captured some amazing memories here!

AMAZING is all I can say..your editing and your eye for capturing this family is just unbelievable!! you’re my hero!

oh my goodness, completely amazing. As always, I am in awe of you and your style. Your work is beyond flawless.

Amazing! Love your work!

WOW!! These are so great! Every single one of them! They would make a perfect wall set. I’m amazed at not only how cute they all are, but how wonderfully you ahve caputured each persons own personality. WONDERFUL!

Wow….just amazing. Your processing, the location, everything is just perfection! And what a beautiful family!

I love your work, your pictures always have an “angelic” quality!! You are very inspiring!

I love the connection you capture between families. Stunning work!

Oh wow, I love your editing and those amazing connections you captured. Love the family wagon shots! love!!!!

WOW these are stunning. I love how you can make art out of real moments. Gorgeous subjects, gorgeous lighting, gorgeous colours…I could go on and on.

OMW that is just stunning! All of them!

Oh Mindy!! What can I do to talk you into coming to Florida and photographing my family :) Gosh these are just incredible! What a great keepsake for them!

Love the fun interaction.

These are gorgeous! What a fun trip down memory lane – they are blessed to have you in their lives!

these are just too awesome. too incredible. too perfect. :)

You have such an amazing gift, Mindy. I am in awe of your work. These make me smile. What a blessing.

I completely “heart” these Mindy. :) I love that you can not only capture happiness in each photo but that your editing actually captures happiness too with its soft feel. :)


These are gorgeous as always. I love seeing them grow. I want to see the robot video. Does anyone have the link to it?

what a stunning session and family. your work never ceases to amaze me.


Beautiful images!!!

Every child is special……Every family had such time when they enjoy each other’s company and those moments are UNCOMPARABLE,UNFORGETABLE.

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