“Guess How Much I Love You”

I think there is a lot of love, silliness and happiness in this family!

This is the gorgeous family of lovely, sweet, and all around amazing New York photographer Jessica Washburn. The girls love to read, talk,  and maintain extremely high levels of energy :) Baby J’s interests seemed to be Mom, Dad, spaghetti, and being shy :)

I get a different kind of nervous feeling presenting photos to photographers… I hope you like them Jessica!

So so so beautiful. Your work is incredible! The love and emotion you capture are so inspiring :)

Mindy, you have NO NEED for nerves! These are stunning and I’m sure Jessica is going to be thrilled! Your talent is endless and never ceases to amaze me! What a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL family ~ full of love!

What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful family! Each image is priceless! Awesome work.

These are absolutely amazing!! Jess and her family are so beautiful. I love them all!

These are amazing! I love the emotion you’ve captured and I know these images will be treasured forever by Jessica and her family.

Those are amazing!! Jessica is one lucky girl to have photographs like these – you can almost hear the laughter looking through these. Wonderful!! :)

MINDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are no words. Honestly, none, but I will try. First, every moment you were here with us was a gift and it was wonderful to see you again. Second, these images are perfection. I am so happy I can hardly stand it and in my head I am already lining my walls and designing an album. It’s been a bit of a dream for me for 2+ years to have you photograph my crazy, crazy family and it’s come true. I can’t thank you enough. This is what family portraiture is about. It’s about these images that allow you to hold on to the love and laughter and insanity and tenderness of this point in the life of our family–these images that will recall those feelings for the rest of our lives. So, thank you my friend. You are an artist.

LOVE them, Jess!!!! And once again – amazing work, Mindy!!!

OMG!!! Amazingness! Love these and LOVE Jess!!

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I love the Soft yet crisp look in your photos. Your talent to get families to act natural is unreal! AWESOME JOB!

Utterly fantastic. I have tears for you Jess! Love, Love, Love!!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous…all of them!! Jess your family is so beautiful!!

Wow.. just stunning!!! Jess.. your family is gorgeous and Mindy, seriously, you amaze me. one day I will hopefully have you photograph my crazy family. I am so excited for you jess!!!!


Absolutely stunning!! Jessica your family is beautiful!!!! You are so lucky to have gotten her out to do these!! I am seriously jealous!!:)

Another fantastic session, Mindy! Your images always make me feel – love, laughter, togetherness, bond. Your gift is amazing in every way.


My heart is at overload capacity, I can only imagine how Jess feels looking at HER family! Gorgeous!!!

Oh my goodness! This was THE most darling family session I have seen in years! Gorgeous!!!!!

lisa lucky

jessica, you must be absolutely thrilled with these:) what a beautiful beautiful family you have. i’m so very happy for you that your dream of having some “mindy originals” came true.

Beautiful. You can see the love this family has. You did an awesome job of capturing it, amazing. Love them.

Just absolutely amazing in every way!!!

So beautiful!!!!!!

i am a inspiring photographer and i always fall in love with your photos. The colors are so warm and soft and the camera angles are incredible… just breathtaking!

Kerri Kennedy

Exquisite Mindy. I wish you would teach a class on post-processing – I LOVE your artistry ;)

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! JESS, these are the BEST pics ever! Your family is PERFECT! Great job Mindy!


Jess…these are amazing! Love them all!

Patricia Jarstad

I’m the Grandma and I feel like I am there with everyone. I feel like I could reach out and cuddle them. You captured them how they really are. I just love them all. I can just hear them laughing. Love Love Love them.

LOVE! Jess is such a beautiful person and you captured her and her lovely family perfectly!

Nerves of excitement, right?! Just like all your work these are AMAZING! I am sure Jess is going to LOVE these. You showcased her beautiful family perfectly.


I dont know how, but you hit the jackpot with connection every single time, these are wonderful and I’m still so so so eager for you to come out to Australia so I can hire you for family shots.
I figure if I bug you every now about coming out to Australia, you’ll just have to hehehe!


Awesome work.How will they ever choose which ones?

oh geez! these are amazing. good luck jess with picking the ones to go on your walls!! it is impossible! you have a beautiful family and a wonder documentation of those moments. mindy is the absolute best!

Not to repeat everyone else…but simply amazing. Goodness, you have no reason to be nervous, so many photographers out there would jump at the chance to have you photograph their family! In fact…I can’t wait until next summer when I hope to get my place in line for some “Mindy Originals” here in Connecticut! Your blog posts are so wonderful, just like being there and getting a peek into the entire session.

Amazing! Simply amazing!!

wow! you amaze me! very Lisa Lucky! Love your style and the amount of incredible images you get!

Absolutely gorgeous! You can sense you captured the essence of that family.

Just had to come back again and say how in love I am with these images and lament the lack of wall space in my home–can’t wait to get some of them up where I can see them every single day!!!!

Always so beautiful. Wow – the light in those shots is stunning.

They are very good. Thank you for the pictures. All of the Julia ones are my favorite. You should come back and play all my games with me.

Oh my word, these photographs makes me want to quit wedding photography altogether and only focus on families. LOVE your work Mindy, thank you for inspiring me!

O…..M…..G!!!!!! – That is all! These are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your work makes me want to curl up with a blanket and stay awhile. Love love love. The warmth & connection radiate from the screen. So glad to have discovered your blog.

I love the way you capture families and their connections

What a darling family!!! These I am sure – will be treasured for always!

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