“You Make Me Live…”

 While I was editing these photos a certain song came to mind. Why not listen to it and browse the photos at the same time? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaZpZQG2z10

Have you ever had a weekend where your cheeks hurt from laughing so much? That happened to me while I was with amazing, beautiful, wonderful, hilarious photographers Sarah Ulrich and Shannon Dodd in Nebraska.

First up: The Dodd Family:

And the lovely Ulrich family:









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Simply amazing in every way.


Your work really captures the love and warmth of these families!

I dont know how you do it.. but you do it time and time again. BEAUTIFUL .. MAGICAL.. PERFECTION!!!

I dont know how you do it.. but you do it time and time again. BEAUTIFUL .. MAGICAL.. PERFECTION!!!

Deirdre Dunham

Another incredible blog post! These families must be absolutely beaming this morning seeing their beautiful loved ones made all the more beautiful as seen here, through your eyes. I love these, and I know they must love them so, so, so much, too. Great job, Mindy, AGAIN!

Absolutely lovely! I just study your pictures over and over hoping to come away with some wonderful tidbits for my own photography. lol


OMG…Those were wonderful.

I LOVE your stuff in every way, but the one thing that I love about your work is the way you get clients to interact and be natural in front of the camera….thats not an easy task, but you rock it. Look at all of that wonderful emotion you capture, now thats ART!

MINDY!!!!!!!! These are simply AMAZING! I am so SO happy! Thank you so much for this incredible gift you have given me. Muaaaaah! :)

Wonderful! Your work is so inspiring!

The feel of these is wonderful, very intimate:) Any family would be extremely lucky to have amazing, emotionally charged photos like this:)

pure joy. love them all!

What an overwhelming amount of gorgeousness! I love the wrestling shots you caught with Shannon’s boys and Sarah’s girls are just beautiful. You never, ever disappoint:).

Beautiful families and amazing images! So fun and full of life – perfection!

Oh my goodness, I’m quite certain that there are two photographer mommies trying to find some words to say and likely attempting to just breathe…WOW! Full to the top of everything ANYONE would adore to have of their own families…you have a priceless gift, Ms. Mindy!


Always amazed at the expressions and moments you capture, pure magic!

just pure magical and amazing! lucky families !!!!!

These are ALL so BEAUTIFUL! I can’t even pick a favorite! I absolutely love the ones where the families are laying down in the grass, just beautiful. You really captured the love in these families, you can just see it.

Simply in awe this morning as I stumble across your blog. Gorgeous work!

Amazing work as usual. And what a beautiful and loving family. You really do, do magic with your camera.

So beautiful Mindy. I’m pretty sure I say something to that accord in every comment I leave for you but it’s so true. You’ve done it yet again. Beautiful captures (lovin’ those downshot angles especially), perfectly captured emotions, lovely edits, amazing!!

These are fabulous!! They must be giddy with the results. When are you coming to Massachusetts??? :-)

These are so sweet! I love the feel to them.

Oh soooo lovely! Your field photos are stunning!

I love the great emotion and connection your photos portray!

What beautiful beautiful images! They are dreamy and lovely! I adore your work! Simply amazing and inspiring.

precious. precious. precious.

these images are all just stunning.. love them

Stunning work. Wish I lived in LA, as coming from Australia may be too much for our family.


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