A Fly Family | Los Angeles Family Photography

 How lucky is this family to have FOUR awesome kids? They were so sweet and so much fun~ even the sleepy two year-old who wanted nothing to do with me or my camera! (He did like my puppet Dr. Evil Porkchop though)

Los Angeles Children

I do realize that I just posted about 70 images. Sometimes you just have to shake it up a bit! :-)

Los Angeles Family Photographer, Los Angeles Child Photography

I just adore your family shoots Mindy — and no doubt this beautiful family does too! Phenomenal work :)

Love love LOVE! Everything about these…you’re amazing :o)

Mindy -when I am fighting tears, I know I’m looking at some powerful images. You captured this family’s beauty as well as their connections to one another. How are they going to select just a few from these??? You are a true talent.

I love the connection you have with the families you work with! Amazing amazing!

Magical as always! {{LOVE}} the lying in the grass shots, and the one of the little boy flying solo!! Genius!

You are amazing!! I would fly from Australia to have you take my family portraits if I could! Beautiful work for a beautiful family!

Absolutely beautiful photos! What a gorgeous family!

Absolutely amazing. I sit in awe and try so hard to really think about all that I can learn from each image. Wonderful. And I LOVE your pp.

My word, Mindy! It’s like Christmas morning every time you post. Love, LOVE this session. Gorgeous family all pastel and perfect:).

Therese Marie

OMG!!!! I adore your work, these are A M A Z I N G….♥♥♥

Deirdre Dunham

So when you harness the light and bend it to your wonderful will, does it love you for it as much as we do? Seriously, Mindy – just amazing! What a connected family! <3

Oh. My. Gosh! Mindy, I cannot believe how these came out. I am astonished. I really didn’t think we were getting anything, and now… I don’t know how we’ll ever choose which ones we want on our wall! You are amazing! I am so thrilled! Thank you from the depths of my heart.

Wonderful family portraits, so much joy and laughter in each one! The jumping on the bed shots are really, really lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Miss Mindy…. you are magnificent. x

Ummm…WOW Mindy…your images capture all this family’s love so perfectly!!!

As a family of 6 myself I know how crazy it is to think a photographer will be able to even get one good shot, and then you think I don’t want just one, I want pictures that show my family who they are! So I give up, thinking it’s not possible and I still have yet to do a family shoot. These brought tears to my eyes because I see it’s possible with you! You captured this family wonderfully!!!! I love love love every one of these images and look forward to your blog post once again! :)

You are THE most consistent photographer I know Mindy. You’re work is just always amazing, full of emotion and genuine connection. Amazing and beautiful work here – what a lucky family :)

Barbara Sabosto

Thanks for such beautiful pictures of my beautiful family. Kids you were awesome! Grammy

Love these! Your work is amazing–so real and emotional. I know you have met your quota of photographer sessions for the year…I hope to snag a spot next year when you are in CT as I would so love to have candid, genuine and loving images just like these of my own family. Simply Wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration!

You amaze me every single time. If I were this family I would be over the moon. You’re a stunning talent Mindy.

You could never post too many pictures Mindy. You are the master at capturing that wonderful relationship between family members. A true gift.
Beautiful as always….

Antoinette Newamn

OMG! Amazing – you are…. no words can express the depth of your talent! Antoinette

Mindy, you are so darned amazing! Incredible family session!

gosh I love your family sessions. the wagon shots and the bed shots are so great!

They are indeed lucky and you Mindy, are the perfect person to document their ‘luck’. Beautiful. : )

Gorgeous work, as always! Love how fun your family sessions are!

Sally L

absolutely spectacular – what a gorgeous family and your images are simply magical! thanks for sharing :)

kimberly ross

I absolutely love the pictures! the colors and view are incredible!

I absolutely adore your work…just stunning!

I love every single picture. The bed jumping shots are my favorite. Absolutely gorgeous!

Absolutely stunning I say. Gorgeous and FUN family!!!!

stunning images! you are very talented and this family is VERY lucky to have found you!

Your work is always so stunning. You continue to amaze with the amount of pictures you show. Is it possible for you to not take a good picture? Truly inspirational.

Cute family! Love the photo where the kid is being thrown in the air.

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