Meet the Bretons | Los Angeles Baby Photography

I was able to photograph to photographer’s families last month in Philadelphia! (The other family will be posted tomorrow)

This is the family of Jennifer Breton:

The baby, “I” [voice like Barry White]:

“J” [total sweetheart]:

“R” [a gassy, beautiful, gassy girl]:

And of course, mom and dad [willing to help random strangers lift up their car and change the tire in the dark] :)

I think you can see for yourself how wonderful they are! :)

My dream is to hire you someday. I’ll make it to you somehow from wisconsin. ha ha!

WOW, Mindy..WOW..They are a BEAUTIFUL family and you did a SPECTACULARLY WOW job photographing them..WOW..

You really are just so amazing it’s not even funny! I still want to come to you so bad and will make it one of these days. I keep making excuses and I need to stop! Must have Mindy pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just love your work so much! Beautiful!!

amazing, totally amazing. these are to die for.

Ummm, hello – look at all that gorgeousness. I’m sure Jen was over the moon with her photos! You rock!

These are beautiful shots!! And so many! They are going to be over the moon about these!

You have to shoot my family some day! Gorgeous, gorgeous work!

Oh wow. I really have no words for how gorgeous these are…how utterly amazing you are! Just wow!

SO SO SO amazing – your work is just beyond beautiful!!

gorgeous jenn and mindy! can not even stand it. takes me back to MY mindy time almost a year ago! my walls have never been the same!

Stunning, M. Just a gorgeous family and you always capture the fun and the love so perfectly! :)

Mindy, you are simply amazing. I know you hear it all the time, but you are. :) Thank you so much for sharing the amazing gift of your photography with our family. I will sincerely treasure these images for a lifetime.


If I had a family, I’d call you in a heartbeat. These are absolutely stunning, I dont think stunning does these photos justice in the slightest actually. Total Wow.

Deirdre Dunham

Dear Mindy: Please hurry and come to South Florida. My walls want photos all over them. Thankyouverymuchly.

freakin’ amazing Mindy, as always!!!! Gorgeous gorgeous family Jen – cannot imagine how happy you are right now :)

Stunning. Simply stunning. Gorgeous lighting and family. I’m in awe of your work!

OMGosh – these have just blown me away! So when are you coming to Australia? hehe.
I have to say – I adore the ‘rolling in the grass’ series and I nearly spat out my drink at the finger up the nostril shot hehe.

Beautiful! Oh the one of mom and daughter, black and white, eyes piercing? Stunninnnnnnnnnnnng!

Greetings from the deep South! I am a potrait photographer that follows your work all the way from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I read tons of Photog blogs everyday and yours always just draws me in. I. Love. it. Your use of light and the way you are able to capture family interaction is incredible! Great work!!

So beautiful. I love the warmth in them, the connection, the location and the family is gorgeous.

Wow, these are all SOOOO good! I would never be able to choose from them and would just have to get them all and make an album:) Seriously great work here!

Just…wow. You seriously captured so much for this family. You have given them, and the whole world, a gift with your art.

Holy cow these are AMAZING! I love each and every one of them – the lighting, the nautral beauty that you captured – perfection!!!

I want to marry these pictures. That’s how much I love these. I’m gonna have to start working on finding myself a Justice of the Peace that is willing to allow such an unusual nuptial, but I’m gonna have to work on that. Cuz, THESE, are gorgeous. I love them, and even though I have never met you, I love you for making images like this. The world is a brighter place with images like this in them. You are such a rare talent.

Gorgeous family Jen! Mindy, I am speechless – simply perfect!

Do you own that field? It is so beautiful! Your stuff is so soft and dreamy!


Love the intimacy you capture. It’s like you get inside their own private world and manage to photograph that love!

These are breathtaking! The emotion you captured is incredible!

GORGEOUS! Absolute love! Beautiful, beautiful job Mindy!

Absolutely amazing!!! Everything you do!! I need to have you do our family pics! Do I need to get some families together and fly you in????

oh boy! you are just so amazing, Mindy! I absolutely love these images.

Beautiful, so very inspiring!


Simply an amazing GIFT you are!! Charlotte is waiting for you with open arms!!!!!! :) xo

I don’t think I have seen such beautiful family photos in my live, ever! This is mind blowing, I can only hope to be half as good as you some day in capturing the love in such a spectacular way. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

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