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These lovely girls (2 years and 8.5 months old) were so sweet and happy! We were originally all set to only photograph the beautiful baby, but what photographer can resist a big sister who looks like this?

Imagine my surprise when I saw this one with matching folded hands!

Thanks J. Family!!

Charlotte Newborn Baby Photographer

Hi Mindy! My friend Katie just sent me here and your work is GLORIOUS!!!!! Seriously I’m blown away, beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Oh Mindy… these are soooooo gorgeous. How beautiful is this family??????!!! :) Love it. xoxo

How cute?! The last image is going to melt their hearts. Love the warm tones.

Gorgeous as always! I just love your work, Mindy. Inspiring and breathtaking.

Beautiful work! Love your processing in these! #2 is priceless, what a doll!

Amazed every single time I come here. Beautiful work Mindy. I wish I lived near you. I would love for you to photography my family!

Mindy- GORGEOUS. I love the last one with their arms placed the same way. If I were mama, that would be huge on my wall! :) I could never get my girls to do that.

these are amazing. my favorite is #7. omg that needs to be printed up HUGE! love your work :)

Awww these are so sweet! Beautiful children! I always look forward to new blog posts from you :)

Oh my goodness, the facial expressions of these two cuties are PRICELESS!! Great PP as always, love the softness to all of ’em. :)

Outstanding once again. Your magical captures and divine editing leave me salivating each time. Excellent!!

Oh what fun it looks like you had! What adorable children and you captured them so beautifully! Love your work Mindy. *


Oh my gosh…I teared up. How did you catch all that makes my girls unique, wonderful and beautiful. I can’t recommend you enough…you were amazing to work with and made my girls so happy.


I can’t believe how amazing these are, they brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, a mother couldn’t ask for more and a client couldn’t ask for a more professional, more low-key, more intelligent and sweet person to take pictures of their children. I can’t rave about you enough!

Don’t know what else to say but- WOW!

Pure. Magic. Gorgeous like always!!

I just adore your processing. These two are adorable!



These are so beautiful. What cute kids and amazing images!

Gorgeous!! Both the kids and the images!

You amaze me every.single.time Miss Mindy – and that last shot?? Urgh, parents are going to LOVE. Only you could get a sibling shot that perfect!

that last one with the arms is to die for! i love that! beautiful work with lights! makes me want to get mine out! you are a natural inside a studio and outside. you never cease to amaze me!

Mindy I think “mom” said it best….what parent wouldn’t tear up over images like this of their children. The last one is PRICELESS!

LOVE these! Great finish!


Seriously – how do you do it – you just get better and better – Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mindy these are just beautiful! I love them all but that last one steals my heart!

Hi Mindy!
I love it when you blog! Incredible images as usual. Love your work so much!!!!

those expressions are precious and priceless! Adorable!

OMG! These couldn’t be any cuter! These two have perfect personalities at such a young age! Mom and dad must be thrilled. Ya know I heart all of your work. PERFECT my dear.

now these make me smile!! adorable beyond words! and those amazing eyes….sigh!

Nice work!Two cuties are adorable!

I love these! Love the fur rug. Stunning shots.

so sweet!! love the expressions:)

These are precious. Gorgeous shots : )

OMGoodness. The expressions you’ve captured on these children! Beautiful!

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