Sweet Teeth | Los Angeles Baby Photography

I went to Philadelphia to photograph this family initially. Mom, who is a photographer, mentioned that she had never done professional photos before and wanted to capture her 5 year old twins while they are still young. So I flew in from California and spent the weekend with them. It is exciting to me that her children will be able to look back and see a glimpse of life before kindergarten~ love and snuggles from mom and fun play time with dad (who has a ton of knock-knock jokes ready at all times). It was not the easiest of times (near 100-degree temps make being outside unfun), but we did get beautiful moments!

There are others, but I think that’s enough for now!

It’s unreal the amount of talent you possess. I scroll through your posts (with complete joy) and I’m just blown away. There is no one else like you, Mindy Harris! I’m sad that I don’t have a Pastel session of my 5-year old twins. Maybe someday, when they’re older. A girl can dream…..

Mindy, you are AMAZING!! Absolutely mind-blowing!

Mindy – you are “hands-down” the VERY best family photographer! It’s all about capturing a feeling and you do it each and every time…amazing job!

You’re out-of-this-world kind of good Miss Mindy. Every.Single.Time xx


I totaly wish I could bottle your talent, you are one amzing photographer Mindy!

Sally L


These are all so breathtaking!! I just moved from Philadelphia and am sure jealous that I never found a location as beautiful as this one! These are perfection!

Again, completely inspired by your work! You don’t take photographs, you capture magical moments and make them art. You’re an amazing artist.

Your work is always so beautiful and inspiring. LOVE IT.

these are so gorgeous!
what a beautiful family and the location is wonderful.
you are such a talented photographer.
amazing work, as always!

Captivating! Lucky families that are photographed by you!

Deirdre Dunham

There is crazy love blasting through the screen from these photos, Mindy. Each one was a treat to see.

Wow.. just gorgeous! You amaze me!

I would give an arm to have you photograph my family like this. Just breathtakingly gorgeous, playful and sweet. ….. and a whole lotta kissing going on!!!


I am just entering the realm of family photography and you are the BEST. I can’t get over how amazing each and every one of these photos are. Your lighting, poses, and just plain ability to capture natural, beautiful emotions. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Oh my goodness, these photos are simply divine! What I would give to have these photos of my own family!! You are one of a kind Mindy, your work is outstanding.

OK, that does it! You must come out to Australia and do a family session for me and my boys! I want some Mindy art on my wall!!!!

Mindy these are just amazing! Your work is outstanding! Love them all!!

these are incredible. amazing. stunning. every awesome word that I can and cannot think of- that’s what these are!




Incredible and absolutely AMAZING. I just adore your work!!!

Jaw droppingly-gorgeous!!!!

i cant say anything that the others didnt say. these pictures are breaktaking. so carefree, natural and amazing. i wish i knew u were coming to philadelphia and i would have booked a session for SURE!
i am dying to know where this session was located?? any chance in sharing the info??? thanks so much!

These are all gorgeous! WOW!

These are amazing! I love your work!!

These are gorgeous! What a beautiful family too. So glad Mom wanted a chance to be on the other side of the camera – she will definitely cherish these for a lifetime!

Wow!!!! What an amazing session! Probably the best family images I have ever seen! Love them!

You are definitely one of the best Mindy. You just get it. Family, love, cherish, happiness. You are very humble as well, because nobody does it like you! Beautiful work as usual!


Wow, so incredibly stunning!!! I can’t stop looking at them, they make me happy!!

I agree, you are THE BEST family photographer out there. Just incredible!

ahh I am so in love with your work, love love love it. And what a beautiful family!

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