In Your Eyes… | Charlotte Baby Photography

These children are so gorgeous, but their eyes are just intensely beautiful!

*Note: I accidentally saved these photos at the lowest quality setting, which means these are not looking that awesome. Sorry!


Charlotte NC Newborn Baby Photography

These are fabulous! Brimming with emotion and joy. And beautiful light!

Magical as always. The light, the subjects, the photographer… everything is perfect!

Low res or not, these are typical Mindy images…. aka…. divinely beautiful and real.

Deirdre Dunham

“These photos are not looking that awesome”…Bwahahahaaa! Good one, Mindy – woo hoo hahahaaa! Excuse me while I wipe these enormous tears of laughter from my eyes. Girl, these images rock in every which way. <3

Holy cow. Seriously. BEAUTIFUL! I wish my High Res would look like these! :)

What gorgeous kiddos! Love how you capture each family so beautifully!

Hi! I just found your site from another photographer and HOLY COW! You ROCK! I seriously LOVE your work…..a true inspiration!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

Nothing short of amazing and beautiful!

Fantastic! Beautiful family and location. Your such a good photographer. Love the light.

Your pictures are SO amazing, I just love every single one you post. That little boys eyes are gorgeous too, what beautiful subjects! I always come to your site for inspiration :).

absolutely stunning Mindy. yes, some gorgeous gorgeous eyes and some gorgeous photography – you have such a distinctive warm, creamy-ness to your images.

These are so beautiful! The coloring, the emotion, the connection is all gorgeous.

Gorgeous & unbelievable as always! Always a treat to view your latest work!


I’m pretty sure that this family will be as addicted to Mindy pictures as I am. The tongue on that baby girl is adorable and the EYES! Go Mindy!

They look completely awesome to me!!!

More beauty, warmth and love. Sigh):

incredible! wow…their eyes are amazing! gorgeous work, my friend!!

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