Love Like No Other…

Recently I was able to visit Phoenix, Arizona and photograph two wonderful families. The family in the images in this post is not only beautiful, but their story is as well:

“As I think about what a portrait does – it is a way to capture a moment in time – that as a mother I am realizing goes by much too fast! To have the opportunity to have Mindy spend time with us and to photograph us was an amazing way to have her capture some precious moments for us. The moment I was longing to capture was that of our “complete” family – a dream fulfilled.

As my husband Steve and I dreamed about our life together – children and adoption wasa big part of our dream. After losing our first born son when I was 7 months pregnant –our dream was rocked! Within about a year after that our dream began to become reality in our oldest daughter Sierra being born and a few years after that our middle daughter Alia. As the years passed we thought about adoption but didn’t feel that it was the right time yet. Then a few years ago – our hearts were both stirred at a church service that focused on adoption and the need that there is out there for so many children. That dream had been simmering under the surface and was beating on the doors of our hearts.

We made the decision to foster to adopt – not knowing who God would lead us to or when. As we surrendered ourselves to this – God brought us Nylah when she was just three days old. It was love at first sight for us! Not knowing what the outcome would be – but knowing for sure we wanted her. After about a year and a half struggle (labor I guess :)) we were able to officially call Nylah “ours” last December. Talk about the best Christmas gift ever!!!

As you look at us – you see a stark contrast in the color of our skin, but whenyou know us – you see a dream fulfilled that God pieced together in a way that only He could! As I look at my three girls – I am so thankful that God gave them to us. Our lives and our family are truly complete. As I watch each of them grow – I long for thosemoments to be captured before it passes me by. Having Mindy use her gift to capture a few (well a lot) of these moments – will be something that I will cherish forever! Thank you!”

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Aren’t they just lovely and love-y? Just to clarify, the guitar is not a prop for photos (haha)- they love to sing together and I even heard a few songs they wrote about Nylah that were moving, joyful, and just awesome. I am so happy that I was able to spend time with and get to know this family!

Wow, what an amazing set of photographs. Absolutely beautiful.


I am in tears!!! From Keri’s words to Mindy’s pictures you can see God shine through.


Tiffany texted me that you posted the blog – couldn’t wait to see it! Mindy- we LOVED our time with you and we love these pictures! Thank you again!!

I was so happy to see a new session on your blog and you didn’t disappoint. These are incredible, as always! Your work continues to be such an inspiration to me.

Wow, I so love the softness and the natural feel of you’re pictures !

You are special x

Amazing Mindy! I’m not sure if it is possible, but I am even more excited about you coming to photograph our family in September. So glad to see a new blog post from you. As many, many people have and continue to say…you are so incredibly talented…

I am elated for this family. Their struggle is all too familiar for so many. I am so, so very happy for them and that the icing on the cake is your images. How amazing will it be when Nylah looks back to see the unconditional true love in their eyes.

these are amazing Mindy

This is an incredible photo shoot & looks like a wonderful family. Such an inspiration.

Gail Sciascia

Loved the pictures. The moments you captured were priceless. Wish you lived in Phoenix :).

These are fantastic! Beautiful work!

It has been far too long since I visited your blog Mindy! I adore the spirit, the personality and the connections you capture! What an absolute treasure for the family!

So gorgeous and fun – love these!

Gorgeous as usual. And what lovely words from your client. So precious!


wow, your work is breathtaking. Love the softness and captured moments. wish you lived in middle of Europe :-)

Absolutely an amazing story and beautiful, heartfelt images – ones they will treasure for a lifetime. Great captures again Mindy!

Brought a tear to my eyes, you can see how much love this family has for each other :)
I love the photo third from the bottom on the right.. such a beautiful moment!

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