Spring Snuggles

Isn’t springtime the BEST time for portraits? Not too cold, not too hot, just perfect! My first three travel sessions of the year were in April, and although we had to work around April showers, that did not stop the happy moments with beautiful families!

First, the family of Maryland photographer, Andrea Hallett:

Delaware photographer, Melissa Stottmann:

D.C. photographer, Ginger Willard:

Thank you so much, Mindy! These mean the world to me! xoxo!

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with our family. The photos bring tears to my eyes everytime! The baby is already- just 1 month later- so much bigger and we will have these perfect memories forever <3

WOW, you have amazing talent!!!!!!

Pure beauty!

Oh Mindy, I am in awe of you. These are breathtaking. Would you put me on your list to contact if you come to AZ? We are also in SoCal a couple times a year so if you are out that way let me know as well. I’d LOVE you to photograph my crazy crew.

Wow! These are amazing!

Andrea Bernard

I second the request for SoCal! Beautiful emotions captured perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

Tina Buckley

Mindy each and everyone takes my breath away! Beautifully done:-)

all of these session images are truly beautiful. I feel so lucky to have my own family images to cherish now too!

Absolutely breathtaking images…beautiful family pictures of togetherness :)

What amazing shots! They are all fantastic. You certainly have a gift for portrait work.

I’m quite certain there is no way your clients can leave without getting all the images. How would you ever choose?! Truly breathtaking!

Mindy you are magic. Each and every session is amazing. Fabulous job my friend.

Absolutely stunning, as always! I love each and every one!

Saving up my pennies (and waiting for my twins to get a bit older and more cooperative) for you to come to Jamaica and photograph my family. You are so amazing!
And please, if you ever decide to do a workshop or mentoring, please put me first on the list. I will move mountains to be there!

These are all gorgeous :)

i love the net! such precious photographs..you are awesome. so proud to say you are in charlotte. :-) ♥♥♥


Pretty family portraits. Excellent work!

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