Warm Wishes

Since I get so many emails every month asking if I offer online mentoring… I thought I would share this *one time* offer on my blog!

As you may or may not know, I am working with a few friends to raise money for AIDS orphans in India. The funds raised will be used to purchase used photography equipment so that the orphans can learn photography and use their skills as a way to earn an income once they are removed from the orphanage.

If you would like to win a one-hour skype chat with me about photography and photoshop, enter the raffle here: http://www.pastelphotography.com/isohope/donate/#skype

Thank you so much to everyone who has entered the various raffles! I cannot tell you how much your donation means to so many people!

The images below… I just love! They are just full of that warm and fuzzy feeling to me. :-)

Don’t forget to enter the raffle!  http://www.pastelphotography.com/isohope/donate/

These images are absolutely stunning! Gorgeous family, lighting and processing!!

mindy, oh my. quite possibly my most favorite session of yours ever!

I literally want to cry when I see your images. Not kidding. Each one explodes with emotions, and as a photographer myself, I have to say it feels SO good to see your work. I WISH that one day you will be able to capture my own family in the way you have captured all of these families. Simply breathtaking.

SO beautiful. Everything about these images is perfect. Gorgeous, gorgeous work!

Mindy, each session you post is out of this world. However, this session stands at the top. The emotion, closeness, and love of this family is explosive. Amazing…

Beautiful children and photography.



Absolutely love your work! These pictures are fantastic!


Mindy, Mindy, Mindy….these couldn’t be any better. Gorgeous family and precious moments. Your work is amazing!


All your family photographs are simply awesome. You make them at so much ease. Great pictures & locations.

Very inspiring work.

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