So Happy Together…

Here is the growing family of photographer Jessica Passon! Although we battled clouds, mosquitoes, fog, humidity, and drizzle- they were all just happy to be together!

Edit: Yes! Those are snot bubbles in that photo, haha- colds were another issue we were battling! :)

Charlotte NC Family Photography

Wow. I can not find words right now. The tears welling up in my eyes pretty much say it all. I can NOT WAIT until next year when the little babe in the oven will be here and we will have our full complete family for another amazing session with you. Mindy, I don’t even know how to thank you from the deepest parts of my heart.

love the emotion you capture in the families you photograph. truly amazing!

*sigh*…come visit me soon, friend! xx

WOW. The emotion you capture is unreal- I am always amazed at each and every one of your images. GREAT work!

i look forward to each and every blog post from you. i have no idea how you capture such a range of NATURAL emotion at every session. you are truly gifted.

LOVE your work Mindy! Wow. You are so good at what you do. Beautiful.


What a gift you have Mindy! These images are amazing! You always seem to capture such fun spirited memories!!! It’s always a joy to visit your blog… Thanks for the smiles!!!

amazing work Mindy! truly amazing!

I would love to know how your clients EVER choose which images to display in their homes! I would have to have an entire two story wall to show all of my favorites. :) These are so beautiful … and is that a snot bubble coming out of the little girl’s nose??? Haha!

How do you do it? You work with young kids and get the most amazing images and capture the true essence of family. gorgeous.
P.S. are those snot bubbles in that one picture??? LOL.

You are amazing, Mindy! I’ve been telling my hubby for years that as soon as our family is complete, we are flying over from Sydney just for a photo shoot with you. Can’t wait! :)


So much love and happiness. Beautiful as always!

Mindy I know I’ve shared this before but you are so gifted. I hesitate to use the word but I actually believe it is warranted in this case…. you have an anointing from the Lord, for real. Looking forward to seeing your gifts continue to blossom into His calling… LOVE FROM ABOVE… :D

there are no words to describe how wonderful these are! i wish they were of my family! simply amazing!!!

Your work is so beautiful. Every image is a masterpiece!

How do you keep getting better from perfect?! You’re amazing Mindy.

Antoinette N.

Why do you like to make me cry? Simply Beautiful!

While you’re visiting Kristen Cook , please visit me too :)
You are completely inspirational!

You are the master at capturing relationships. Fantastic session AGAIN. You are my inspiration. Thank you :-)

Wow!! beautiful & emotional family set! You have an amazing gift!

AMAZING….such love captured in each image! : )


It takes special talent and training to capture the images of the amazing Passon family!! They are as vibrant, good looking and loving as seen here- and you proved able to amplify and celebrate these qualities at a very high standard!!

These pictures are so filled with joy and love that it’s almost overwhelming. You have a gift. (The picture with the bubbles is too funny!!)

Got your link through pinterest. And I am blown away by the content. One of the best family photographs I have here. Such an awesome collection of photographs this is.

Truly well done.

Love these! I adore the colors.

Great photographs, beautiful family. You can tell the family had fun while photographed.

I can only say one thing, thanks to you and your pictures, I became a family photographer … You’re the photographer who is an example for me. Your pictures inspire me.
Thank you…

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