Flower Power II

It’s been a while since my last update…I have been so sick for a few weeks now! The images in this post make me feel better!

Thank you so muh again to everyone who participated in the ISO Hope fundraiser! We reached our goal of $4,000 and the lucky winners were contacted a few weeks ago. I will be sure to update when the kids start learning how to use their gear!

If you have ever been on my website, you have seen this family… it is crazy to me how fast they are growing into big kids!


And now….

Charlotte NC ChildrenCharlotte NC ChildrenCharlotte NC ChildrenCharlotte NC ChildrenCharlotte NC ChildrenCharlotte NC ChildrenCharlotte NC ChildrenCharlotte NC ChildrenCharlotte NC ChildrenCharlotte NC ChildrenCharlotte NC ChildrenCharlotte NC Children

Have a great weekend everyone!

Antoinette Newman

Beyond Thrilled! Thank you Mindy for the gift you give every time you snap your camera. We now need to buy a new home , these need to be shared on our walls, not hidden in a book – AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

One of the most beautiful families I’ve ever seen! You are so gifted! I just crave looking at your work. You capture such emotion in your photos.

WOW! What a gorgeous family! Beautiful captures…I bet they are THRILLED!!!


Jason van Dyk

Great work Mindy!! You were sick..? Glad to know you are feeling better! Love these photos… amazing location. ;)

What an amazing photo-shoot. These are STUNNING and really just full of emotion, love, and family. Pictures like these are the ones that are treasured each day and never hidden… just amazing.

Holy gorgeousness, amazing!

amazing, amazing, AMAZING! You work wonders with how you capture emotions and moments … and your post-processing is perfection! Love your work. :)

Gorgeous family, gorgeous images. Your images always take my breath away. I’m inspired by your work.

I absolutely love and admire your work!

Your image show so much emotion. Just in case you didnt know, you are one talented girl!

Love-love-love these. Such a beautiful family.

What a gorgeous family! They look like models selected to portray a family lifestyle shoot – they’re all that beautiful! And the emotion!! I don’t know how you do it, but you are truly gifted at this profession – both behind the camera and behind the editing curtains! Thank you for sharing your work!!!

Where do you always find those beautiful family’s ! Love how you captured the emotion, fun and the love between them.

My friend, the beautiful gift you give to these families incredible. These are amazing. YOU are amazing x

Congratulations Mindy on reaching your goal for your fundraiser!! Beautiful photo’s!

Your images always make me smile :) Absolutely gorgeous!

What an absolutely beautiful, gorgeous family!

absolutely stunning!!! Oh how I wish you can come to NY and tale images like these of my family!!! <3

Mindy these are just beautiful.
Give me another year or so to save my money and for my twins to get older and more cooperative, and I will be doing whatever I need to to get you to Jamaica to photograph us.
And please, I know I’ve said this before, if you EVER decide to do a workshop or mentoring, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put me at the top of the list. I will do whatever it takes to be there.

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