Class of 2011

It is so crazy to me that people born in the ’90’s are graduating high school! I graduated in 2003 and I cannot believe how fast time is flying! I am *not* a senior photographer in any way, but I did have lots of fun with each of these lovely ladies who are from Ohio and North Carolina. :-)

First up is “H,” my “sister from another mister,” who happens to know all of the girls in this post. It has been incredible to see her transform from crazy crazy crazy pre-teen to a wonderful young woman.

Next.. “M,” who I have stories about that I will save for another day :-)

This “H” looks like a combination of Taylor Swift and Scarlett Johansson to me… and she is just as sweet as she looks!

“A” is one of the most smiley subjects I have ever had! She made me think of Buddy the elf saying “I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite!” (that’s a good thing!)

I adore red hair and freckles…. how striking is “M”? She has brains that match her beauty too- she will have a doctorate degree in no time!

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to take portraits of such beautiful, down-to-earth girls at such an amazing time in their lives!


Caroline Jensen

Totally and completely LOVE!!! I drool every time I see your beautiful work. Your gift is astounding!

These are all so incredible, Mindy!! Seriously! I just ADORE your work!

OK girlie! WHAT?!? Not a senior photographer? BUT, you could be! All of these images ROCK!!! Double ROCK! :) As always, I admire your work so much!!! Your style just leaves me speechless….LOVE IT!!! Hope you are keeping busy!!! {hugs!}

Wow just wow! Love every single one of these. <3

You need to omit ‘I’m not a senior photographer’. You’re an amazing photographer. period. Man, you’re good.



Gosh, you amaze me constantly. I cant believe how polished these shots are, definately think you just added seniors to your client base! These rock!

oh my word these are all stunning!!! i seriously cannot say which one is my favorite!!
i am glad i am not their mothers!!!

Girl you are making me feel old, 98′ graduate over here. They are all so beautiful and you captured them flawlessly. You can rock any type of session!

Very nice images, solid skill!

Um…. “I am *not* a senior photographer in any way”…. no, go on, say that again with a straight face!!! INCREDIBLE Miss Mindy…. incredible x

your sister from another mister looks so good. her hair look beautiful short! gotta love people who can pull off both! love your senior stuff of course. have never really seen you with a senior. isn’t it fun! miss your cute face!

Wowza!!! Ummm, seriously I think my mouth fell open on a few of these – unbelievably gorgeous, every single one of them!!! You have mad talent, woman! These girls have to be over the moon with excitement. LOVELY!

Antoinette N.

As it has been said – you are an AMAZING photographer. It is not the subject that creates the beauty it is you – and in that there is nothing you can not shoot = simply priceless – I wish I was so lucky to have senior pictures so exciting!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, amazing!!! :) It doesn’t matter what you’re photographing, your shots always stand out. Love ’em!!

WOW. WOW. WOW. How you get such great natural interaction and posing with people blows my mind. You are so talented. Absolutely gorgeous.

wow.. just stunning! I love every single one of them! FABULOUS!


your photos are stunning!

Mindy EVERY single image is just breath taking and these girls are all out of this world BEAUTIFUL! Just gorgeous!

Your work is fantastic. I am officially one of your daily blog stalkers. I love the look and feel of all of your photos. Your photography is an inspiration.

love love these…so dreamy and fun!

Beautiful girls and your images are stunning. You are definitely a great senior photographer!

You can do it all! Anything you photograph turns to magic. You have such an incredible gift and it warms my heart so much whenever I visit your blog!

Stunning does not even begin to cover how amazing these all are!!!

You rocked them all!!! Love them.

Sonserae Stallings

Mindy – You also took my daughter, Janice’s senior pictures. You did a beautiful job. The pictures reminded me of the young woman she has become as well as the little girl she used to be. Thank you so much for capturing Janice the way I see her – strong, beautiful and vibrant.

I love the little babies at the top of the page. I also like the redhaired girls in these pics. Your photography is beautiful.

I love the lighting and feel here. These are warm and amazing.

Beautiful young lady.

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