For My Friend

 I still can’t believe it, but I photographed the beautiful, fun, and nerdy family of the amazing Raye Law! Raye is the best Arkansas family photographer, a Fort Smith, AR family photographer, and a Fayettville, AR family photographer. This is special to me, not only because she is a great photographer– but Raye was the very first photographer whose work made me gasp and really inspired me. I think it was about four years ago when I wrote to her telling her how amazing her work is (I don’t even think I had a decent camera at this point)– and here I am posting photographs I took of her family!

I flew to Arkansas (never ever thought I would say that!) and spent a weekend with the Laws. I ate their Cinnamon Toast Crunch, we went to the movies, drove through Tickle Belly Hills, and saw really really interesting small towns. The boys are full of energy, but are totally sweet munchkins. Raye and D. are such patient, fun, and loving parents, and I hope all of that shows in the images.

The photos are not perfect… this was my second time using a Nikon camera… but I think they fulfill the purpose of documenting the love in this family in November of 2010.























Aren’t they easy to fall in love with? Thank you Raye for letting me into your geeky family for a weekend- I loved every moment, you are beautiful inside and out! xo

I saw the link pop up within a minute of you posting them, Mindy. I had to call Raye immediately who was driving at the time. Even though she had no gas in her vehicle she drove immediately home and got on the computer. I had the privilege to watch her on Skype as she looked at each image and then she would tell me a little story about each one. I could see the happiness and love across her face. I loved how she looked at every single detail of every photo…. there was one of the boys wrestling and it was their feet that she couldn’t stop staring at. I know she is trying to formulate a comment that conveys the immense feelings she has right now. She is just so full of love for her boys and you right now, Mindy. You are so incredible, both as a photographer and a friend. I keep going back to them and it is as if the images tell a story. A story of a beautiful family who are care-free and loving. No words are needed to describe how amazing these four people are. You really outdid yourself, Mindy. I hope with all my heart that maybe your first international family might be the Browns. What a dream come true that would be! xoxo

Absolutely beautiful and full of emotion! Raye is also a photographer I greatly admire and who has greatly inspired me with her simplicity and naturalness of capturing life. You did an awesome job capturing the joy and love of her family! Love all of your images!

Deirdre Dunham

This family is so beautiful and clearly adore each other. And you are something special, Mindy. You know *just* when to press that shutter and capture “it.” Your blog posts kill me every single time.

Oh my word, Mindy–my heart just aches from the beauty and love in these. Raye, you look so, so gorgeous and have just the most darling family. I can’t really put anything else into words. Just that I know what a blessing it is to have images like this and I am so, so happy that you two were able to make it happen:).

STELLAR! Off-the-charts fabulous, as usual!

Not “perfect”? You are way too humble! These are gorgeous, and way more than perfect, they’re full of love and fun :))) Beautiful work.

Amazing and stunning. I hope to capture something as precious for my own clients. These are simply gorgeous.


Great images – you captured a wide range of emotions.

What a treat! You captured them beautifully Mindy and what a gorgeous family Raye!

oh but Mindy… they are perfect.

ohhhhhhhh, Mindy! Every single one is perfect – so beautiful, so full of love and fun, so them. I love them so much. What a wonderful gift for our sweet friend. xoxo

I love the way you captured them. They are so laid back and happy. It looks so natural, as if you weren’t even there!

these are a mommy’s dream! i can see everyone’s real personality come through in EVERY frame…which is pretty amazing as there are so many pictures. i love love love love love love (x10000) these images, mindy. amazing!

Mindy.. seriously your work is just inspiring. I have never seen anything from you that was less than perfect. What beautiful images of a beautiful family!

These are just amazing. You are so incredibly talented and gifted – these images are going to be treasured by this family forever. You captured such emotion, love, joy… perfection!

Oh, these are just beyond gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of both you and Raye and seeing her family through your images is stunning.

These are absolutely fabulous!! I can look at the pictures you take all day long and never get tired of it. The way you capture family, love and connection is something we can strive for. The family is absolutely GORGEOUS and I love to see how much they care for each other. I’m in LOVE with these!!!

You made my heart stop, I am in love with everyone of these images and its not even my own family! LOL! Ok, I’m gonna have to bring you to good ol’ Texas to shoot my 4 kid family! Oh love!

Wow wow … those pictures are so beautiful !!! You use your Nikon very very well for the second time (By the way, I think, a good photographer doesn’t need a good camera … but just good eyes to see things …!) I can feel the love in this family . I know your blog via Raye Law and you two are so good photographers … I would love to live in the USA, to have pictures of my family like this. And I hope to be a photographer like you one day … really ! You’re wonderful to share so much and so inspiring … thank you ! I’m just a fan !

Amazing amazing amazing Mindy!!! Just perfection. <3

There really aren’t adequate words to describe the love and beauty you captured here. You have such a God given talent to find those special, heartfelt moments and freeze them. I’d give a kidney and maybe even a right arm to have you photograph our family.

“They’re not perfect…”?!?!?! I aspire to take photos as “imperfect” as these!

So inspiring! Love them!


Gorgeous family and stunning images!

Wow, pure gorgeous!! I’m so in love with your work, Mindy!!

Mindy, they make my heart swell. I can FEEL the love this family shares! These are wonderful! Sheer magic!


You’ve done an amazing job capturing the pure emotion of this family. I found myself smiling with them and feeling the energy of the moment and I don’t even know them! You are an incredibly talented woman! LOVE each of these!!

A blog post from you is always a treat Mindy, and these are just incredible.

Oh my goodness what an amazing photoshoot!!! I just loved every picture – you have captured such amazing moments and emotions here!!! Also love the colour/ tones of the outdoor part of the shoot!!!! Truly great work!!!

Oh wow. Your work is always beautiful and emotive, but these moved me to tears. Love just radiates out of them. There’s no limit to what I would give to have images like these of my husband and kids and I. You’ve really blessed Raye and her family – they will cherish these for generations. Gorgeous work – your best ever IMO. I don’t often comment, though I read every post, just because you get so many and I feel like I can’t possibly add anything new to what other more articulate readers have shared. But I HAD to tell you how amazing this set is, and how the images make me want to go hug my kids tight…

OH MY GOODNESS. This must be the most PERFECT session I have ever seen. I am just taken back, by the number of beautiful- amazing-stunning-incredible images that I just viewed. Speechless.

stunning work.. nothing more than jaw droppen’ stuff!! I LOVE your conversions too.


Oh my word. Oh my word. Seriously….just floored. These are UNREAL. UNREAL. If I were this mom, I would be balling. I am balling now, and I’m not the mom. These are beautiful. Photographs to dream of and hope for and jump up and down for. This is so….so gorgeous. I just would drive all the way from Maine to have you photograph my girls.

Mindy, your talent and gift of capturing the most extraordinary yet simply moments in a session just inspire me. I love looking at your images, they invoke so much emotion in me. When I see Raye and her family, I see so much love and happiness. The images are beyond perfect in every way. They made me smile and they made me go there in those images with them. I could hear the giggling and feel the deep love. You are amazing!

Absolutely incredible! Amazing family photos. Wow!


I would wall paper my room with these pictures, they are just too powerful for words, each and every one is just amazing!!

I adore these images!!! You my friend have a true gift!

gorgeous images and family!

these are just amazing I am sure she must love these..

These are gorgeous! Love your light and the way you capture moments and emotion.

Miss Mindy, I have sat here for quite some time trying to work out exactly what I feel should be said about these images, but quite honestly, I don’t even think I can put into words how I do feel about them. I said to Raye that if I feel that strongly connected with them, when they are not even images of my own family, then I can only begin to imagine how she must feel about them. Your ability to capture a feeling, an emotion, a moment is second to none. You are an incredible artist, a beautiful person, and an amazing inspiration to so many. You deserve all of the very best in this world and more, and to provide the gorgeous Law family with such precious memories of those real moments in their life, is just simply priceless. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent and your ability to capture love so innocent, so raw, and so real. xx

Simply beautiful. Like a great big, dreamy exhale :)

You can feel the love through the images. Nicely done!

Mindy, These images are amazing and I loved the emotion in every image. I know exactly how Raye feels because she just shot my family in California. To this day. I look at every proof that sits by my bed that she took. She gave me a gift of a showing how I feel on paper. Priceless. She will treasure these forever.

Just amazing Mindy. So soulful and sweet and silly and light-hearted all at the same time. I particularly love the bed series but of course each and every one of these is just so absolutely perfect!

Oh my! Oh my! Mindy, these are amazing amazing! And Raye, I can’t imagine but that you are just over the moon with joy to have these! I loved the ones I saw on facebook and now that I’ve seen these, I am just stunned, what beautiful, raw, emotive photos! I love every single one, but the ones of Raye and her hubs together are just so sweet. Love love love!

Wow…absolutely AMAZING!!! How I would adore to have images like these of my family! You are SO incredibly inspiring!!!!!

These images are truly spectacular! I love the interaction you have captured. Simply stunning!

So, I’m just wondering if it is normal for a complete stranger to be close to tears after looking at these images? These are MAGIC! Seriously. Dang. I gotta go get some tissues.

Thank you so much for all of your incredibly sweet, thoughtful, and kind comments!!

ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL! I am completely in love with these as if this was my own family! You did an AHHHHMAZING job! You are one BIG ROCKSTAR in my eyes Mindy!

I scrolled slowly though these. They are spectacular.

Your work blows me away. These images are a spectacular and moving tribute to a beautiful, loving family.

Mindy, these are all AMAZING!! I have loved your work from the first time I saw it…..and love it even more each time!!!! Not perfect…..psh! YES they are!!! :) LOVE THEM! You ROCK girl!!!! :)

Love your work Mindy, these are just beautiful! You have captured Raye and her family so perfect!

It looks perfect to me. Those images made me cry. You’re so talented, loved it.

These are perfect! What great memories they will have to look back on!

Amazingly beautiful pictures of a gorgeous family! Glad I stumbled across your inspiring work!

W.O.W – just wonderful! Everything about this whole post is gorgeous! What a beautiful gift you have!

I love looking at Raye Law photography and when they posted their pictures you took, amazing. Those are some wonderful images they will treasure for a life time.

I’m fairly certain these photos have and will continue to leave Raye gasping in the amazing moments you’ve captured with her family…awesome work!

Absolutely amazing! Portrait photography at it’s best! It makes me want to travel to Los Angeles to have you take pictures of my family!It brought tears in my eyes it was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this beauty.


I want to just stare at these images all day and they aren’t of my family! Simply perfect!!

These are amazing! I would love to have photos like this of my family….breathtaking and so so real. Love every single one. I bet she was in tears when she saw these!

Mindy, Mindy, Mindy…(or as L says “Mimdy”). You are now one of us – part of our family forever. That special bond that was created when you saw us at sometimes our worst, but capturing the best. I told you from the beginning that I lover your work not for any processing/styling but because of the emotions!!! I truly mean it. You could simply desaturate all of these and I would be in heaven because I feel like I am there (How many photographers can say that???).
The images are simply honest and show how our children are our world. We have no hobbies, no nights out, only them. I am so proud that they will have these forever. D and I talked that we would give anything to have something like this with our own parents when we were little. There is not a price that could even come close.
You have a gift and I am blessed from it. We love you.

Kris Allbright

Wow, these are so amazing.These are some of the most beautiful images I’ve seen of a family.It actually made me all choked up.GORGEOUS..

Leah Pasnin

I have just found you on my FB status via Raye Law Photography, so I popped by to have a quick squizz – which has now been an hour of blissful procrastination going over each image and choosing my favs like they belong to me LOL. I have found myself staring to the point of going cross eyed looking at these images. Your comment – “The photos are not perfect” – gee I would love to see what your looking at because they are the most beautiful images of a loving family I have ever seen – I am wish you lived here in Sydney!!!! I have alot of “favourite” photographers – and matey you have reached the top of that list. I could go on and on literally – beautiful, beautiful shoot. Lots of *gushing*!!!!

not perfect?!?! they are amazing!!!! fantastic job and surely the family will treasure these FOREVER.

Stunning. simply, stunning. :)

All I can say is WOW. These are amazing….I follow alot of photographers from all around the world…but WOW. You are a very special, talented woman!

The tears just flowed…..wish I could put words to it xox

These are amazing as always. I am beyond in love with your work!

What do you mean “they are not perfect”! Shoot. You blew me away with these! Seriously! AWESOME! You did a FANTASTIC job!!!!

Amazing as usual Mindy!!! So so so much to love in every single picture!! :) Such a gift

These are gorgeous! Raye has a beautiful family and you captured them perfectly!

I’m speechless (except for the little voice in my head that says “I hope I can one day capture a family as perfectly as this”) These are incredible, real, natural and gorgeous. You have a true talent for showing the personalities of your clients/friends. Totally inspirational.

These are so beyond perfect. love every one.

Wow, they capture all the love, laughter and happiness of a beautiful family. I had the complete pleasure of being tutored by Raye here in Australia and she really is a gorgeous person inside and out. I think I have a little Raye crush!!!

Amanda Graves

You don’t know me but I follow your blog. Your work is amazing and truely inspiring! I think these images are perfect! What an amazing memory for this family!

OMG I frickin LOVE this shoot… This is the first time I’ve ever come across your blog site and I’m so excited to have found another photographer’s work to follow. By the looks of things you are an amazingly talented woman so Im really looking forward to seeing more! Thanks for the inspiration!

Mindy, these photos are amazing!! What a beautiful family, you captured every ounce of joy. I adore your work, you are so clever. x Mel


Just discovered you through scoping out flickr. OMG…these are the best family photos I have ever seen. What a divine talent! And beautiful family.

Wow. Just wow. This is pure inspiration. Emotion is popping out of every single image.
Stunning work!!


I am TOTALLY in LOVE with your family photography!!! I wish I lived closer to you, because I would sooooo have you take our family’s photos! If you are ever in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge area, I need to know!! :)

These are gorgeous! Raye is an incredibly sweet and talented lady. I was lucky enough to have her take pictures of my family this Fall.
Great work Mindy!

i just stumbled upon your blog and you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! i have a question…. are you switching from canon to nikon? may i ask you why? thank you for sharing your stunning and emotion filled images. what a talent you are!

These are wonderful, gorgeous and full of love. A beautiful family and you did an amazing job. COme to California!


seeing these does nothing short of “move me”. they are beautiful. i FEEL the love, closeness, and joy clearly shared by this family. thank you for sharing this session. i’m in awe of your work and certainly want to be like you when i grow up.

God Bless!

These pictures are AMAZING!
What a lively and loving family, and you have documented them perfectly. I can only wish to have pictures of my family like these someday. And to be as talented as you!
I am inspired by YOU!

They are not perfect? You could have fooled me. What a wonderful series. I love this family. I can tell they are full of love and happiness and excitement. You did an outstanding job : )

What did you think of Nikon? I switched from Canon to Nikon and I am pretty happy. I think I like Canon color a little better. The Nikon seems sharper to me though.

I have no breath left. Amazing!

Oh Gosh.. now im gasping..!!! simply gorgeous.. raw emotion… and breathtaking.. <3
amazing work x

Becky Griffin

Holy Moly! Good Gracious….amazing.

Not Perfect? are you kidding they are AMAZING!!! absoloutly Beautiful you are very talented and have captured this family in such a natural way :) Love it!!

These images are amazing. So beautiful! This is exactly how I feel about my family. And you expressed love so well.

Wow what a stunning pictures, they show so much love and happiness. Must be a great blessing for anyone to have this kind of pictures of their family.

I would do anything for photographs like this of my family. I adore this session – it’s one of my faves ever. It’s incredible! Lovely.

Oh, my. Oh me, oh… holy moly. beautiful. So very beautiful.

What GORGEOUS photos & such a special thing for you. Congrats- you did a fantastic job

WOW. One of the most unbelievable collection of images I’ve ever seen from a single session. You can really feel the love and emotions in each and every picture. Absolutely phenomenal work!!

These are stunning. =)

I love your field shots!!! LOVE them!

You do a great job of capturing the raw moments and emotions. Well done!!!


actually, each picture is perfect. great job!

Beautiful photography, good job.

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