Beautiful Love

It was over two years ago that I posted this maternity session:

So, an update is way overdue!

B. & L. (big sisters) are so talented in every area! They are top-notch athletes, students, artists, and sisters. They are just as sweet as they look, and a thousand times more fun!

W. & L. (twins) are the definition of “double trouble.” They LOVE being naughty, are mostly nice, and are the best toddler dancers in California. W. is the princess of the animal kingdom- it’s hard to find her without a stuffed animal in her arms. L. loves his Mama and Dada, and everyone else can just go take a seat somewhere else!  It is wild to me how fast their baby stage passed- to me they will always be babies :)

Here are some of the thousands of photographs I have of them from the past two + years.

Just a quick update about travel sessions for 2012: I have several sessions planned, and four booked for 2013. I think this is my midwest year! I will be visiting Delaware, D.C., Nova Scotia, Denver, Seattle, Cleveland, Portland, Upstate New York,  Iowa, Connecticut, and Indianapolis for sure. I have Seattle and Connecticut openings for sure- if you are interested, contact me! Or if you want to inquire about your own city, let me know! :)


I am in tears and cracking up at the same time! The past few years have been a wild ride for us. We went from 2 to 4 to 6 in a blink of an eye. The photos show a family of six, but we are a family of 7. Mindy, you have been there for us without hesitation and we appreciate The love you have for us. You are an amazing person and ridiculously talented! We could never thank you enough. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives and we love you beyond words.

Absolutely beautiful.

The midwest can’t wait for you, baby! : ) What a beautiful and fortunate family to have this INCREDIBLE collection of perfect, gorgeous images of their love and family life. I’m in awe and beyond thrilled to have the chance for my own family to be in front of your lens this year! Your love and passion come through in EVERY image!!


omg. amazing.

Your pictures are beyond stunning. You are amazing. LOVE every one!

Gorgeous family and gorgeous images. I LOVE how you capture images, love!


What a beautiful family! You are lucky to be so much a part of their life and they are lucky to have you doing such a lovely job documenting it.

I am AMAZED by what you do. Absolutely gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family!

Wow these are soooooo amazing and very inspirational so now I am linking to them from my page so folks can see some really well done stuff!

Wow, seriously, these images are just so beautiful. I am really blown away. And such a BEAUTIFUL family. Amazing.


… beyond words!

OMG! I absolutely LOVE these photos. Those freckles are too cute. I can’t believe how gorgeous each and every member of the family is. They need to go into modeling. And, of course, wonderful, wonderful job capturing these special moments!


Gorgeous, happy, and lovely family!! Mindy you are amazing!!!


This has got to be the most gorgeous family ever! Beautiful photos!

No words, your heart is in these like always…
PS – Ahem… you forgot Melbourne! x


Hi there,
Can I ask where you will be in Nova Scotia? I love your work sooooo much! Your pictures are all so happy!!

Karen Linnell

your work leaves me speechless Mindy! What a gorgeous family!!!

Monica Simone

Absolutely stunning! Your work is FANTASTIC!

Lisa Burston

Absolutley Amazing! Love every Image!!!

Are you kidding me?? This family is so beautiful. Mom needs to keep having babies. Really. I think i want to hang these images on my wall! :)

What a stunning family. You are truly talented! These images are so inspiring and this family is beyond beautiful.

These are all beautiful as usual Mindy! I am so excited for the opportunity to have you photograph my family here in the DC area. I counting down the days now and look forward to meeting you :)

K’s family is absolutely beautiful – what a blessing to have each other, and for them to have you. It’s an incredible gift to have one’s family history immortalised so perfectly. Always in awe of your talent, my friend.


Listen up one and all, I’m not bragging but this here is it!!!
I know a little bit about this family and the beauty you see in the pictures is a projection of the genuine love between Mom and Dad and kids. To be around them is pure heaven. Mindy, your camera is a living testament, giving others a small glimpse into a very special world. Thanks for sharing with us this visual record of the most awesome little famiy ever!!!


Oh my goodness! LOVE every single picture on this blog post! What a beautiful family, and what a blessing for this family to have you in their lives!

These are absolutely breathtaking. This family is beyond gorgeous. I could stare at these all day. To say beautiful….just isn’t enough.

Love, love, love….love……….truly breathtaking!

I can’t decide which to comment on first, the exquisite photography or the absolute, hands down, most beautiful family EVER! I’ve just found you and will be back to ooh and aaah. Simply amazing.

Tara Merkler

Absolutely beautiful. What an amazing journey through photographs that you just took us on with this gorgeous family. You are beyond words talented.

Lisa Lucky

Holy sweet Jesus, Mindy. I bow to you. Glorious, all of them!

I need a week to look at these with the attention they deserve.
To say they are gorgeous is a ridiculous understatement.
They are unbelievable. Sublime.
I don’t know what I want more: to be able to take photos like you do or for you to take my family’s photos.
When my twins are older (they’re 2.5 now and impossible to get to do a family photo–I’ve tried and it was unbelievably frustrating) I’m sending you a ticket and however much money you charge to come to Jamaica. Or I’m packing us all up and coming to you.
And then I’ll try to convince you to do a workshop too :-)

My God. Completely speechless Mindy. I can see how inspired you are by this gorgeous family.

I am astonished by your talent and beautiful images.
Remarkable. You are a master with your camera and with your heart. It shows.


wow…what a beautiful family!!! and are they ever so lucky to have you capture all the wonderful moments in their life!! what dates will you be in seattle?


Miz Booshay shared this link. Gorgeous photos capturing real beauty and love. Love seeing this family and their individual personalities shine.


Absolutely incredible!

Lauren Ammerman

I don’t even know this family and I LOVE THEM!! You do an amazing job capturing not just one person’s personality, but a complete family dynamic!! You are awesome and can’t wait for you to come to Dallas one day!!

Amazing everyone is so beautiful. When will you be in NY???


Mindy your work is absoul. amazing!


What a beautiful family! Omg, every picture is gorgeous, your photography is a piece of art! Hope to have the opportunity for you to photograph my family one day :)

debra rambaran

Min your pictures tell a story of true love.

How beautiful! You are incredibly talented. I pray your talent continues to allow you to prosper in all your creative way. God Bless!

Joanne Mitchell

Just have to say you have the most beautiful family. Honestly your children are stunning, just edible! Your photographs are amazing, very natural and extremely beautiful. I am going to save your website to my favourites to show to my daughters when they get in from school.

blown away!!!! what an amazing job, what an amazing family.

This is gorgeous photography! Beautiful family as well.

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