Will & Wes

I have had so many people come to my blog looking for these images of Nova Scotia baby photographer Kerianne Brown. Kerianne is amazing- as a mother, photographer, and friend! I was so happy to be able to go to Canada and photograph her newest bundle of joy and spend time in her gorgeous home with her wonderful family! Will and Wes will be best friends, and I am so happy for the Brown family!

One more note: I am now booking for 2013 sessions, so please send me an inquiry if you would like more information! :-)

what a treasure….these are just beautiful.

Oh Mindy, what a treasure each and every one of these images are. To think of how special they feel now makes me realize how much more important they will be in years to come as the boys grow. Just seeing them will take me right back to this moment in time when Will still fit on my lap and Wes could curl up under my chin. Mindy, you give people more than just pretty images, you leave their sweet babies with a beautiful legacy of who their family was when they first entered this world. You make this little life of mine which I think is perfect in every single way feel even more special. I will never forget the beautiful and unheard of weather we experienced back in May. The fact that we could wear short sleeves at the beach was a true miracle. It was absolutely perfect. And to you, my friend, for traveling so far, taking countless hours of your life to capture mine and then leave me with this gift I feel like I could never repay… thank you, thank you, thank you! You are one-of-a-kind. A true gem in this big world. We love you so much for the beautiful person you are the priceless gift you’ve given. We feel like you are part of the family now… and hope that you will come back again some day to visit us again… Love Kerianne, Courtney, Will and Wes xoxo


Absolutely love them all!! I have followed her blog and loved all the videos her husband as done of Will!!

I am not sure how a comment from me was lacking on here because I know I have told Kerianne and you multiple times that these are simply the best newborn and family combination photos that ever existed! My apologies for not writing it down sooner. Every single image is canvas worthy. They make me so very happy knowing how much they mean to Kerianne. Mindy you are untouchable.

Such beautiful, beautiful pictures….showing the raw beauty of true happiness and love!


The beauty captured in these photos is just stunning – expressions, light, natural feelings….Amazing beauty!!

Your work is AMAZING!! love the connection between each other. You are now one of my favorite family photographers.

Lovely Shots. Every photo looks stunning. Great Work!!!!

Wow! These are absolutely beautiful!

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